Meet Libby.

An all-in-one solution for libraries.

What and Who is Libby?

Libby is our top-notch solution for libraries wishing to become more accessible to their patrons. Libby helps libraries expand their outreach by utilizing and taking advantage of today’s modern technology. HOW LIBBY IS MAKING A DIFFERENCE Libby’s online library services are advanced resources that have been developed to improve the library’s technology which has been unfortunately (and drastically) ignored and overlooked. Many libraries are still forced to use outdated, unreliable, and non-user-friendly technology because no advances have been made to these solutions.

Does your library suffer from:

  • A lack of a design, branding guidlines and recognizable logo?
  • An outdated and difficult to edit and update library website?
  • An event system that’s hard to use and unattractive in design?
  • An overpriced book showcase?
  • No mobile website or application?

Say goodbye to those archaic and frustrating “solutions”.

Libby's Suite of Solutions

Rebrand + Logo Design

  • A well designed logo and color scheme are critical to any good website
  • A unique and custom design
  • Branding guide to help your library remain consistent in styles and design to match your new brand and logo

Website Design + Development

  • A mobile-responsive library website compatible with all mobile devices like desktops, laptops, tablets and phones
  • A unique and engaging design
  • A user-friendly and accessible website!

Mobile Application Development

  • Custom + matching design to your library’s brand and colors
  • Built for Apple iOS and Android iOS devices and software
  • Integrates with your websites, events, news, and catalog

Integrated Event Management

  • Manage events by integrating with the services you already use, while taking on your websites brand new style
  • Integrates directly with iOS and Android devices and software
  • Integrates with your websites, events, and news

Digital Catalog Listings

  • Showcase your books, movies, and music in a beautiful coverflow.
  • Optional design for a simple listing or an interactive and animated carousel!
  • Hassle-free solution that let’s you create a list with just a few clicks!

Museum Passes Organizer

  • A simple and easy way for your patrons to reserve museum passes
  • Designed to match your library’s brand and design for a consistent design feel
  • Integrates with your website and other solutions

Libby's BIGGEST Fans

"The Library's new site has exceeded my expectations, and the project was delivered on time and on budget. We worked together nimbly and swiftly and had fun in the process. Most importantly, users have responded overwhelmingly positively to the new site, so our key goal has been achieved."

"We found the team easy to work with and very responsive to our needs and requirements. They gave us a website that meets contemporary design standards, is great to look at and is representative of Wellesley. Our users have given it a definite 'thumbs up." The availability of tech support is very important to us. They always respond quickly to support questions when the need has arisen."

"Working with the team was exactly what we were looking for, from the initial design concepts through the final launch. They responded to our many concerns, both large & small, and the result is a fantastic new mobile-responsive website that works great for both our patrons & staff!"

"We feel very lucky to have found a website design firm which not only understood what we were looking for, but also was able to create a brand which will be recognizable for years to come."

Ready to improve your library website and online presence?