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Modern Library Website: Wellesely Free Library

Bridging the Connection.

While being far from our first (or last!) library website project, Wellesley proved to be one of our most demanding. Their website was way behind current tech standards and with a brand new building under their belt, they knew it was time for a serious web upgrade.We spent a long time analyzing the content hierarchy to determine what had to stay and what had to go, and where everything should go. We labored over design decisions to try to incorporate every single one of Wellesley’s wishlist items. In the end, we delivered a modern library website design that is heads-and-tails above most every library’s website across the country and is as functional as it is beautiful.

What They Had to Say

"We found the team easy to work with and very responsive to our needs and requirements. They gave us a website that meets contemporary design standards, is great to look at and is representative of Wellesley. Our users have given it a definite 'thumbs up." The availability of tech support is very important to us. They always respond quickly to support questions when the need has arisen."

Helen Charbonneau, IT Director

The Results? A Standing Ovation.

What made it special.

A search smart enough for its users

Search that lets you not only search the catalog in addition to the site, but also lets you drill down by content types like books, movies and ebooks.

An intelligent and intuitive navigation

Mega-menu navigation was implemented to bring the benefits of an organized usable menu that collapses into side-panel navigation on mobile devices.

News and Social Feed

An innovative, masonry-style way of presenting social media posts, blog posts and events all in a timeline format on the homepage.

Check it out.

Launch Date


Fall 2015



Wellesley, MA

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