Website Redesign & Development

Sleek Library Website: Belmont Public Library

Inviting digital opportunity

Belmont Public Library came to us looking for a fresh look that could serve their patrons with a more tailored mobile experience. The sleek library website has given the library a dynamic and visually engaging way to communicate to their users.

What They Had to Say

"Working with the team was exactly what we were looking for, from the initial design concepts through the final launch. They responded to our many concerns, both large & small, and the result is a fantastic new mobile-responsive website that works great for both our patrons & staff!"

Ellen Girouard, Tech. Director

What made it special.

Prominent Search Box

All of our library projects have focused on search as an increasingly natural way for users to find information. We implemented autocomplete search and live search to increase the effectiveness of the search experience.

Library Insight Integration

We integrated matching CSS styles to the Library Insight platform to allow the event feed to match the new brand

WOWbrary Integration

Just like with Library Insights our developers were able to style the WOWbrary widget to match the rest of the website as well

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Belmont, MA