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The Public Library of Brookline Website

Connecting the community.

Brookline’s innovative library website features a sleek, simplistic and interactive new design. The Library of Brookline wanted community events to be the most prominent feature of their new website. To accomplish this, we gave event management the main stage in the new design, making it easier than ever before to find, plan and attend events. Other prominent features include new search capabilities, organized mega-menus, collection showcase and a powerful content management system. Additionally, Brookline’s new website is mobile friendly, meaning the website experience is cross platform

What They Had to Say

"The Library's new site has exceeded my expectations, and the project was delivered on time and on budget. We worked together nimbly and swiftly and had fun in the process. Most importantly, users have responded overwhelmingly positively to the new site, so our key goal has been achieved."

Hank Sway, Tech. Director

An overwhelming amount of positive feedback!

What made it special.

Events System

Libby's event management system in action: including filters, calendars, and event lists all styled to match the Library of Brookline's brand

Organized Mega Menu

Mega-menu navigation was implemented to bring the benefits of an organized usable menu that collapses into side-panel navigation on mobile devices.

Locations & Hours

A locations & hours page that includes a custom google map of all the library branch locations and their individual hours

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