Belmont Public Library Website Launches!

We just launched the new library website for the Belmont Public Library! Patrons and users will find the new website to reflect the city’s colors and possess a modern and unique design, with such a strong color palette and design it stands out among many library websites. Besides being attractive and interesting in design the new website has increased functionality that improves both the user and staff experience. The new website is built on the WordPress platform which allows staff to easily manage the content on this famous content manage system because of this users are getting up-to-date content and easy to access information! With it’s modern new look,mobile-first responsive design and third-party integrations with WOWbrary, Library Insights, Facebook, and more – the library’s new website has quickly become a success among patrons and users! Don’t take our word for it though check out the library’s new website redesign at and review the project’s case study to learn more!