Billerica Public Library Website Launch

The Libby team is proud to announce the launch of Billerica Public Library. Libby worked to redevelop and design a modernized website that would drive patronage to Billerica Public Library. With both a user-friendly design and sleek appealing layout- Libby was able to achieve this. The website includes a mobile-first responsive design that allows library patrons to view the website from both a desktop and laptop, as well as, a mobile phone or tablet.¬†An important feature to highlight is the “I Want To” section. This provides QuickLinks on the homepage to the most used library resources. Additionally, to make the library-goers experience most enjoyable and easy, we created a “New Items” section that visually shows a list of the new book/DVD offerings at the library. To individualize the library experience we also included separate calendars for Adults, Teens, and Children. Libby crafted a simple to use “Reservation” feature that allows patrons to reserve a museum pass or meeting room from the ease of their computer or mobile device.

You can view the complete Billerica Public Library website here.