Website Redesign & Development

Woburn Public Library Website

Ease of Use

Woburn's award winning library website design features clear, easy-to understand navigation elements with drop-downs and mega-menus, as well as a top section with quick contact information, and a hybrid catalog/site search that integrates directly with the Minuteman Library Catalog.

What They Had to Say

"We feel like Libby not only knew what we wanted, but they also were able to show us what we needed. Communication with them has been, and continues to be easy, and they have been responsive to any problems or questions we have posed. Overall, it was a smooth project with exceptional results. We could not be happier with their work and their professionalism."

Andrea Bunker, Director, Woburn Public Library

Award Winning

What made it special.

Award Winning

Our web development work with the Woburn Public Library won a 1st place award for their website that we developed for them in 2014.

Custom Pages for Kids and Teens

A safe place for kids and teens to find necessary info

Ask a Librarian

A simple tool at the top of every page allows you to easily call or email the library.

Welcome Video

Woburn's home page features a "Welcome" video , produced by Stirling Technologies, to introduce patrons to their town and library.

Check it out.

Launch Date


Summer 2014



Woburn, Ma