Logo Design & Branding

Northborough Free Library Branding Initiative

What They Had to Say

"If you are creating a new brand or refining your messaging and you want to work with a firm that is a one-stop-shopping place for all of your branding and design needs, look no further than Libby. Libby brings the experience and know-how to complete your project on time and on budget. Having worked in the public sector for the past 20 years, I can say without hesitation that Libby is the most knowledgeable firm I have ever worked with. They will exceed your expectations and your brand will stand the test of time. "

Christopher J. Lindquist, Library Director

What made it special.


During the discovery phase we had a design meeting, surveyed patrons online and on the phone to evaluate the community and determine the direction the brand should take.

Tagline Authoring

Once we established a profile of the library and traits that we felt needed to be conveyed in a simple message we authored a list of taglines for review.

Logo Iterations

Before finalizing the tagline we paired the top taglines with logos that both represented the library and the messaging that needed to be conveyed. Several rounds of these logos and pairs were evaluated and revised.

Finalizing a Brand

Once we finalized the final mark as a team with the library's committee we were able to discuss openly the final details and marks, including typography and the brand color palette. The final result was a logo and brand that makes us and the library proud!

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Launch Date


FALL 2016



Northborough, MA

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