Website Redesign & Development

Falmouth Public Library

Fresh and New

Prominent features of the custom library website include a fresh new design, interactive book lists and personalized pages for kids and teens. Library staff can easily share library news and upload new content. The new website is also compatible with mobile devices, making it accessible to a wider audience of online patrons.

What They Had to Say

"Since the launch of our new website the feedback from our patrons has been overwhelmingly positive. People find it easier to use and far more intuitive than our old website. Most importantly, our website is now on a platform that we can manage ourselves and keep current!"

Linda Collins, Assistant Library Director

Find What You're Looking For

What made it special.

Interactive Book Lists

We have developed a custom Wordpress plugin that allows our library clients to share and showcase their favorite books and DVDs!

Custom Pages for Kids+Teens

A safe place for kids and teens to find necessary info

Featured Collections

A beautiful and easy way to showcase Falmouth's library collections

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Launch Date


Summer 2016



Falmouth, Ma