Website Redesign & Development

Billerica Public Library Website

A Modernized Website

Billerica's new, modernized website now includes a mobile-first responsive design, along with a custom layout consisting of sleek cutting edge elements. Featuring high-quality imagery, interactive books lists, and an "I Want To" section, the new website not only is user-friendly but helps drive library patronage.

What They Had to Say

"We are all very happy with our new website and are already receiving many positive reviews from patrons. Libby and their team have been great to work with and they have already been extremely patient with us. I truly appreciate all of their work and we finally have a website we are proud of. "

Jan Hagman, Library Director

Sleek Cutting-Edge Elements

What made it special.

"I Want To" QuickLinks

A simple tool featuring Quicklinks to the library's most popular features.

Custom Pages for Kids and Teens

An individualized place for kids and teens to find necessary info such as events, books, and resources.

New Items

A prominent section featuring the latest book offerings at the library.

Reserve a Museum Pass & Meeting Room

A simple form that allows library patrons to reserve a museum pass or meeting room through the ease of their computer or mobile device.

Check it out.

Launch Date


Summer 2017



Billerica, MA