Manage all your library room booking and reservations.

Empower your patrons to use the library for their events and gatherings within your library website.


Full control over rooms and venues

By integrating directly with our events management, you can easily choose from the same meeting rooms and venues you have already configured to make them available to the public for booking. Upload seating diagrams, configure optional equipment and set descriptions and custom information for each venue.

Interactive interface

When submitting a request to book, patrons can choose time slots from an interactive calendar pre-populated with existing events, which lowers staff overhead by preventing double bookings. When a new booking comes in, they simply log in to the site and either approve or deny the booking – no having to double check that other events might conflict.

Email notifications

Make sure everyone – library staff, custodians and the reserving party – all stay up to date on their booking. Configure custom notifications that go out as soon as a booking has been submitted and when it has either been confirmed or denied. Generate custom reports that go out daily to staff so everyone knows what events are on the agenda and how to prepare.

Customizable forms

Customize your booking forms to get the information you require in order to book a room. Support for text inputs, drop-downs, radio buttons and checkboxes are all baked in so that you can create highly customized forms that match your website’s style and are served right from a page on your website.

Ready to work on your library website's room booking?