An In Depth Look Into: Woburn Public Library

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Woburn’s award winning library website design features clear, easy-to understand navigation elements with drop-downs and mega-menus, as well as a top section with quick contact information, and a hybrid catalog/site search that integrates directly with the Minuteman Library Catalog.


“We feel like they not only knew what we wanted, but they also were able to show us what we needed. Communication with them as been, and continues to be easy, and they have been responsive to any problems or questions we have posed. Overall, it was a smooth project with exceptional results. We could not be happier with their work and their professionalism.” 

-Andrea Bunker, Director

Originally, Woburn Public Library’s website was outdated, non-engaging, and lacked simple navigation. With twelve links on their homepage, a stiff layout, and a boring design, their website was not only unappealing but non-user-friendly. Woburn Public Library’s Director, Andrea Bunker, came up with a goal in hopes to achieve a stronger library experience for its patrons. By choosing Libby, she helped the goal of a unique library experience in full effect.

Libby worked to design a homepage that was appealing and simple. By creating fewer Quick Links on Woburn Public Library’s homepage, any confusion while navigating the site was reduced greatly.


Next, to cater to Bunker’s request of creating an engaging library experience, we created individual pages for Kids & Teens. This feature of the website allows a customized experience specific to this age group. Creating the opportunity to feature “Recommended Reads”, events, as well as homework help specific to their learning ability.



Woburn’s new website also holds features that are turning the traditional library experience into a technology based experience. The features of the website are not only simple but easy to use for any patron. With the “Ask a Librarian” form, library-goers can ask Woburn Public Library librarians any questions or concerns and receive answers in an efficient manner. The “Reserve a Pass” feature of Woburn Public Library’s website makes it easily accessible for any Woburn resident with a valid Minuteman Library Network card to reserve any of the local museum passes.



Libby for Libraries offers a wide range of solutions to create a stronger more engaging platform for libraries nationwide. We work to create a user-friendly experience through additional features such as sleek designs, simple navigation tools, event calendars, and forms. Libby for Libraries seeks to create a unique project plan for each client we work this.


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