Website Redesign & Development

Saugus Public Library

The Transformation & Process

We worked with Saugus Public Library to deliver an intuitive library website with a clean, engaging and modern website redesign. Their old website was outdated, hard to navigate and just another library website that did not have a mobile-responsive website that displayed nicely on devices like phones and tablets. Through the website design and development process we incorporated the library's feedback to enhance engagement, usability, and interaction to encourage their library patrons to utilize the library website more and use the website as a tool to educate the library's patrons on services they might not have been aware of with the hard-to-navigate previous website. The final result? A colorful, engaging and user-friendly website that not only patrons can use but that staff can now edit freely!

What made it special.

Event Keeper Integration

Since the library was using EventKeeper to manage events the designers and developers at Libby created a custom API feed to allow us to pull and format the events from Event Keeper that was both attractive and usable in design.

History Page

A custom design for the history page that includes a timeline of events for the establishment of the library

Location Page

A custom Google map for the location page that included direcions and hours of the library

User-Experience Transformed.

Check it out.

Launch Date


FALL 2016



Saugus, MA

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